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One of the most important things necessary for therapy to be successful is the presence of a respectful, emotionally engaged, and caring therapist. I create an atmosphere where individuals and couples feel safe to explore difficult issues and connect with their strengths that may have been forgotten during times of stress. Together we will address your current situation as well as getting into your early life experiences, helping you to explore conscious and unconscious parts of yourself, and working with the unhealthy patterns that block progress toward healing and happiness.


I view therapy as a unique opportunity to understand yourself more deeply and achieve the changes you want in your life. In our sessions together we will go beyond traditional talk therapy to create insights into yourself and the possibility for change. We do this by examining relationship patterns and utilizing somatic (body based) and art therapy interventions to explore what is standing in the way of you having a joyful and fulfilling life.


          My office at 1521 Shattuck Ave

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