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Rose Schweig, LMFT
Berkeley Therapist Specializing in Therapy For Thriving Relationships

Your journey toward self-love and meaningful connection begins here

It’s possible to feel truly alive and to foster a deep love and respect for yourself and your partner(s).

You’d like to communicate effectively and move through any conflict.

A long relationship doesn’t have to mean losing yourself or that emotional distance becomes the norm. Imagine turning down the white noise of life and tuning into what you and your partner need as individuals and as an entity. With my support it’s possible to discuss even the most challenging topics.

I can help you build a thriving partnership.

In therapy I create a safe space, where sharing vulnerable emotions without fear of judgment, transforms conflicts and uncomfortable topics into opportunities for growth. As you start sharing the unspoken, emotional intimacy deepens, establishing a solid foundation of shared trust.

You’d like a sex life that is full and exciting even with work and children to care for.

Connection and intimacy is possible even in the midst of a busy life. Domesticity can kill passion ~ this doesn’t have to be the case for you. With the right tools you can remain partners in life and keep that spark alive. I’ll guide you through these conversations and help you define what a fulfilling relationship means to you.

The spark may fade over time but with my support, it can be reignited

You weren’t raised talking openly about sex, most weren’t, but you know that it’s an essential part of life that deserves attention. You’re ready for a more fulfilling sex life that reflects your desires and that can heal wounds of disconnection or rejection. I’m here to support you to explore this sensitive topic with compassion and without judgment. Reach out to learn more.

Let me help you see yourself more clearly.

Therapy with me is a transformative journey, healing parts of yourself that may have been ignored or misunderstood. While everyone has an inner critic, with compassion it no longer has to dominate your thoughts. My approach is collaborative and personalized, incorporating evidence-based practices in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Consider me to be a trusted companion with years of experience here to assist you in your healing journey.

I am dedicated to helping you cultivate self-compassion and experience support within your relationships. My style blends various modalities that are effective and create lasting change.

I utilize art therapy and somatic therapy techniques that go beyond logic to support healing. Most issues people seek support for need more creativity and less logic. Stepping out of problem-solving mode is key to gaining genuine insight, facilitating change, and fostering growth.

I can support you to be connected to your partner, kinder to yourself, and grounded.

Reach out today to learn how I can help.

Hello, I’m Rose.

I’m passionate about nurturing thriving relationships and helping individuals realize their profound worth.

We may be a good fit if you want help with:

  • Wanting to feel more alive and connected to self and others
  • Being in a partnership that feels stuck
  • Fostering (more) intimacy with your partner
  • Opening up your partnership
  • Your inner critic can be harsh and loud
  • Developing resilience against shame, rejection, and criticism
  • Connecting with your internal world and creative side
  • Establishing healthy boundaries around your time, emotional energy, or activities

Here's how I can support you.

My compassionate style and unique interventions can help you become the best version of yourself. My approach assists partners in navigating communication challenges, differences in desire and in healing attachment wounds.

My style is unique. I synthesize a variety of highly effective therapy modalities such as neuroscience, somatic, art and sex therapy.

My approach weaves together effective therapeutic interventions from many brilliant voices in the field. These interventions actually work to help you heal that harsh inner critic, strengthen your relationship and to define your authentic needs. Somatic, mindfulness and art therapy interventions can cast a different light on problems that may feel repetitive and ingrained.

Therapy with me is a safe and confidential space where you can talk about anything.

For the past 3 years I have been working toward becoming a certified sex therapist to provide support for clients dealing with various sexual challenges within and outside of partnerships I regularly immerse myself in the latest research, participating in advanced courses, and attending highly specialized trainings such as:

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • Ester Perel – Sex and Relationship Therapy
  • Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT)
  • Institute for Relational Intimacy

I look forward to working together.

Quotes From Clients

"We worked with Rose in the early years of our relationship, leading up to our wedding and transitioning into parenthood. She helped us lay the foundation to respectfully listen to each other, gave us tools to better communicate and helped us prioritize strengthening our bond."
Best couples counselor in Berkeley reviews
F. & S.
A Couple
"Rose has been instrumental in helping us navigate the challenges in our relationship, and in helping us celebrate our strengths. Her insights, gentle guidance, and practical homework assignments have been invaluable to us as a couple over the years."
San Francisco Bay Area online therapist reviews
M. & C.
A Couple
"Working with Rose has helped me immensely in growing a set of tools in my tool box to deal with many of life’s challenges.

Some of these tools include drawing or using illustration to help visualize support, breathing exercises, grounding exercises, externalizing, sitting with and feeling into what’s present, acknowledging emotions/feelings without letting them takeover, etc. I have found these tools extremely helpful, even if I was skeptical at the very beginning and have integrated them into everyday life.

I’m very grateful to work with a therapist who can teach me skills that I can actively and immediately use outside of our sessions and I appreciate that Rose has many different ways to work with her clients."
San Francisco couples counselor
An Individual
“Rose was a pivotal part of my deep self-exploration and helped me start the journey back home to my body. Her authentic, warm and light-hearted, attentive presence each week provided a safe energetic space for me to experience true compassion for my sexuality and gender. I’ve embodied a true strength that she exudes in session, through art and new somatic experiences. With much gratitude! And love!"
Berkeley Therapist Reviews
An Individual

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