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Rose Schweig, LMFT
Art Therapy in Berkeley, CA

Art therapy uses creative expression for healing when words fall short.

Art has the power to heal, often in unexpected ways.

Most of the issues people seek support for benefit from more creativity and less logic.

Shifting away from problem-solving mode is essential for genuine insight and growth. Expressing your feelings through art, like painting something you want to let go of on a rock and tossing it into the ocean, can be incredibly liberating. The art making process has the power to transform something painful into a source of strength.

You deserve to feel like your true, authentic self

I view art as a tool for growth, enabling us to delve deeper into your experiences and uncover hidden wisdom. In art therapy, the focus is not on creating a ‘pretty’ picture but on using various art forms to explore and understand yourself better. I encourage clients to engage in drawing, writing or choosing music that reflects their emotions to provide deeper insight into their challenges.

Art can serve as a pathway to access your inner wisdom.

Genuine wisdom and healing arise from the right brain, which is more creative and less linear. Art interventions invite you to explore different perspectives on your challenges, tapping into your inner wisdom. You don’t need to be an artist to engage in this process and there’s no judgment on the outcome. Instead we’ll reflect on the process, to gain deeper insight and clarity.

Engaging in this process doesn’t require artistic skills – yet has the power to transform your inner world

When you feel unsupported and alone, I might encourage you to connect with that painful feeling. After processing it together, I may invite you to draw an image representing what genuine support means to you. For instance, one client drew herself crowd-surfing, which was unexpected as she had never experienced it before. Now, she keeps the drawing on her wall as a reminder of support during moments of solitude.

Creativity fosters growth and change.

Art therapy offers a holistic approach, engaging the mind, body, and spirit in ways that verbal expression alone cannot. Logic based discussions may not always provide the opportunity for a different perspective. Through metaphors, drawing or writing clients often discover new insights and express their inner conflicts. And many feel grateful for a daily reminder of their strength and resilience.

You don’t have to remain trapped in a pattern of giving up your self-worth or hustling for love.

I provide a safe space where clients can express themselves without the fear of being judged or analyzed. Creating a drawing or engaging in a visualization engages the mind, body, and spirit and leads to deeper insight. Often my sessions are entirely traditional talk therapy but I invite clients to use their creative minds to gain a new perspective. Art making is optional, creativity is not.

The creative process is a vehicle for meditation and self-discovery, fostering a sense of flow and facilitating a deep connection with oneself.

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Art therapy serves as a valuable tool to manage intense emotions, foster self-awareness and decrease anxiety.

Healing facilitated by creativity provides a powerful means to feel grounded and address issues effectively. Together we’ll explore your inner world, uncovering wisdom that may have been lost or forgotten.

Art making serves as an invitation to express what words cannot.

Each time I encourage clients to draw, visualize, or choose a song that resonates with them, we uncover a bit more of what’s buried in their unconscious mind. I’ve witnessed how creativity can offer solutions that weren’t previously considered. It’s a powerful catalyst for change if you’re seeking to improve your mental and emotional health.

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