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Sexual Health is a part of our Humanity

It encompasses the wellness of physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing; it is not merely the absence of disease and dysfunction. It can be a healthy part of human connection and growth. Many people experience some form of sexual ailment in their life while only a few people will actually seek therapy with a trained professional. Don't let this aspect of your humanity be neglected, help is here. 

Sex Therapy is a form of counseling intended to help individuals and those in partnerships resolve sexual difficulties such as performance anxiety and relationship problems. Client's generally meet on Zoom or in my therapy office and session frequency and length depend on the client and the type of problem being addressed. It's normal for clients to feel anxious when seeing a sex therapist, especially for the first time. Many people have trouble talking about sex at all, so discussing it with a stranger may feel awkward. However, sex therapists recognize this and try to make their clients feel comfortable. Often they start with questions about the client's health and sexual background, sex education, beliefs about sex and the client's specific concerns. It is important to know that sex therapy session do not involve any physical contact or sexual activity among client and therapists. Clients who feel uncomfortable with any aspect of therapy should speak up or stop seeing that particular therapist. 

Sex therapy can be used to treat:

Low sexual desire

Conflict over different sexual desire levels

Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Inability to reach orgasm

Unconsummated marriages


Arousal difficulty

Female sexual pain

Sexual addiction or compulsivity

Past sexual abuse


Affair recovery

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